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Offering background screening solutions for Franchisors, prospective franchise owners and franchisee employees, including:

  • Identity Check – Social security number verification is among the most basic and effective ways to perform an identity check on a new employee. Once an applicant has received and accepted a job offer, employers must ensure his/her records by conducting an SSN search.
  • Criminal Searches – Conduct county-level, statewide, nationwide, and federal searches for criminal records.
  • Employment Verification – An employment check involves direct communication with a candidate's previous employers, and seeks to clarify and confirm the content of an applicant's resume and/or application.
  • Education Verification – An educational background verification reveals the highest degree obtained by a given applicant, as well as his/her graduation date(s), institution(s) of attendance and major course(s) of study.
  • Professional License Verification –The verification of an applicant's professional license confirms the license type obtained, as well as its dates of issue and expiration. A license status search will reveal any conditions and/or restrictions that have been imposed on the license, as well as any pertinent disciplinary measures that have been taken against the applicant throughout their previous professional experience.
  • Pre-Employment Credit Report – Pre-employment credit reports can be obtained for employment screening purposes. Some clients utilize pre-employment credit reports because the position may entail a high level of trust such as a financial position. Our reports provide a simple summary as well as the complete credit details of the applicant to aid you in making your decision. A range of credit reporting services is offered to suit the depth of your specific search.
  • Federal Bankruptcy Search – A direct search of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court system to determine if a commercial entity or individual has sought protection under federal bankruptcy laws.
  • International Criminal Search – An international search can expose crimes and offenses in an applicant's previous countries of residence. Search costs and turnaround times vary by location.
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