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For educational institutions, the safety and security of students and personnel is crucial. Rely on Trusted Employees to perform comprehensive background checks on all faculty, staff, and volunteers.

Benefits for Educational Institutions

  • Very Competitive Pricing: Our paperless system also saves you valuable time and energy.
  • Only the VERY BEST will do: Our personal customer service includes both your own customer care person plus an extended team of people so you get your answers quickly.
  • Fast Track Background Screening: Same day or next business day turn around.
  • PAPERLESS online release: Have your applicants do the work!
  • ATS Integrations: Our integrations include several popular Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • Pro-Active Options: We keep you up to date on new processes and requirements.
  • Expertise: We have experience working with public schools, charter schools, colleges and universities, and training institutions.

Common Products for Educational Institutions

  • Identity Check – Social security number verification is among the most basic and effective ways to perform an identity check on a new employee. Once an applicant has received and accepted a job offer, employers will want to confirm his/her identity by conducting an SSN search.
  • Criminal Searches – Conduct county-level, statewide, nationwide, and federal searches for criminal records.
  • Employee Drug Screening – We provide a variety of drug testing products to serve your needs. We are also available to assist you with physical exams for positions that require a medical clearance. Our convenient single sign-on service makes it easy to schedule a drug test and receive the results.
  • Education Verification – An educational background verification reveals the highest degree obtained by a given applicant, as well as his/her graduation date(s), institution(s) of attendance and major course(s) of study.
  • Professional License Verification –The verification of an applicant's professional license confirms the license type obtained, as well as its dates of issuance and expiration. A license status search will reveal any conditions and/or restrictions that have been imposed on the license, as well as any pertinent disciplinary measures that have been taken against the applicant throughout their previous professional experience.
  • Motor Vehicle Record Search – For positions requiring driving educational institution vehicles, we will search the applicant's current driver's license. This will show the type/class of license, driving violations including DUIs and current/prior suspensions, whether the license is valid and when the license expires.
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