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  • PBSA member with multiple staff members holding PBSA FCRA Certification
  • BBB A+ Rating
  • Dell SecureWorks Certification

Today, credit bureaus require audits and certification of all their reseller partners to assure adherence to best practice security requirements. The end result is the safety in knowing that all transactions on our website are not only secure, but also private and 100% tamper proof.

Additional Compliance Expertise

  • When we receive a consumer dispute we reach out and contact the consumer within 8 hours.
  • While the Fair Credit Reporting Act allows us 30 days to investigate and respond to consumer disputes, we average fewer than 3 business days from receipt to resolution.
  • One of our core focuses is regulatory adherence – for our clients' protection as well as ours. We actively monitor changes in the legal and legislative environments and keep our clients informed.
  • We're a member of the group Concerned CRAs (www.concernedcras.com) which means we guarantee that we don't offshore any personal data and we verify all criminal records prior to reporting them.
  • Our BBB A+ rating speaks for itself.
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