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Whether your organization is a bank, a mortgage lending institution, or any company looking to fill a finance position, the level of trust needed is very high.

Some industries require specific types of screens; Banking, Mortgage Lending, CPA firms. All businesses may need to hire a person with a financial background.

No matter what kind of industry, Trusted Employees has the process and products to help.

Products common to financial industry background screening:

  • Identity Check – Social security number verification is among the most basic and effective ways to perform an identity check on a new employee. Once an applicant has received and accepted a job offer, employers will want to confirm his/her identity by conducting an SSN search.
  • Criminal Searches – Conduct county-level, statewide, nationwide, and federal searches for criminal records.
  • Pre-Employment Credit Report – Pre-employment credit reports can be obtained for employment screening purposes. Some clients utilize pre-employment credit reports because the position may entail a high level of trust such as a financial position. Our reports provide a simple summary as well as the complete credit details of the applicant to aid you in making your decision. A range of credit reporting services is offered to suit the depth of your specific search.
  • FIL-46-2005 – FDIC Bulletin regarding the need for background checks for banks and other financial institutions. FRB, FDIC, NCUA, OCC and OTS are searched to adhere to this bulletin.
  • Federal Bankruptcy Search – A direct search of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court system to determine if a commercial entity or individual has sought protection under federal bankruptcy laws.
  • SEC Broker – The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's database is checked for information on registered brokers. Results may include broker qualifications, registration history and information regarding SEC criminal matters, regulatory actions, customer complaints and more.
  • Employment Verification – An employment check involves direct communication with a candidate's previous employers, and seeks to clarify and confirm the content of an applicant's resume and/or application.
  • Education Verification – An educational background verification reveals the highest degree obtained by a given applicant, as well as his/her graduation date(s), institution(s) of attendance and major course(s) of study.
  • Professional License Verification –The verification of an applicant's professional license confirms the license type obtained, as well as its dates of issuance and expiration. A license status search will reveal any conditions and/or restrictions that have been imposed on the license, as well as any pertinent disciplinary measures that have been taken against the applicant throughout their previous professional experience.
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