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Applicants fill out their information online!

Cut out the hassles associated with the background release authorization process with ApplyNow.

It's easy, it's fast, and it's included in all of our services.

  • Invite Applicant – By entering in the applicant's name and email, our system immediately emails the applicant with a hyperlink to our secure ApplyNow on-line application. A copy of this email is also sent to your administrator. Once the on-line application is successfully completed, a confirmation email is sent to your administrator letting them know that a new application has been submitted.
  • More Accurate and Efficient – By having applicants fill out their own background release online, you don't have to handle entering in all their information. Plus, our easy online process ensures ALL of an applicant's information is entered. The applicant electronically signs their consent to the background check which gets attached to their background report.
  • Tailor-Made – The on-line application is tailor-made based on the products in your package. For example, when education verification is in your package, the applicant must provide information on the school(s) they have attended.
  • Easy Access – Even though the background release is stored online, you can still print a copy of the electronically filled release for your files.
  • Convenient – Applicants no longer need to take the time to fill out paperwork. They can fill out their background release online at their convenience.
  • Customizable – We understand how important protecting your brand is, that's why we offer co-branded customization of ApplyNow. We will match your company's color scheme and logo as well as custom verbiage and consent forms that can be implemented on an accelerated timeline.
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