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Trusted Employees is firmly committed to providing its clients with complete and accurate reports, in which all the facts are aligned and verified. Expect nothing less than our due diligence, when an applicant's past has implications for your future.

County-Level Criminal Search

Few public records are entered into databases in real time and contain all of the pertinent data. Often there is a delay of several months before the entry reaches the database. Even then many relevant details still won't be included. The county's physical files offer the fullest possible history of criminal charges.

Statewide Criminal Search

Provides an overview of an applicant's criminal history from state criminal repositories.

Nationwide Criminal SuperSearch

Provides a criminal record search at a database level and includes information from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Discover criminal records using nationwide criminal database sources that search multiple states covering all areas an applicant has lived.

Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search

Performs a search of criminals against a national database that all 50 states and District of Columbia report offenders to. When results are returned, a photo ID of the offender will appear on the report enabling you to match it immediately to their photo ID.